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5 Star Review
5-Star Reviews should be a vacation rental property owners goal for more bookings!

Short Term Rental Owners: What is the secret to getting a 5-STAR Review?

Let's face it - guests are looking for a 5-Star stay when booking a short term rental.  They take a look at the reviews that previous guests have left and that weighs heavy on their booking decision.  What does a 5-Star review mean for the property owner?  Higher visibility for the property, as well as higher bookings and guest trust. That is why those 5-Star reviews are so coveted.  Here are some tips on how to achieve and maintain those coveted 5-Star reviews.

1) Stay in your property as if you are the guest.  How easy is check-in?  Is access to the property easy? Is there a guest guide available with instructions on how to use the TV? Staying in your own property will allow you to see things from the guests perspective.  This will help you make sure that the guest experience is superior. 

2) What does the guest experience when they first walk through the door?  Is the property odor free?  Cleanliness is perhaps the biggest aspect that the guest is looking for.  In the real estate profession, we refer to this as "lights, camera, action" - you only have 8 seconds to make that first impression.  The same would hold true for a vacation rental. 

3) Personality: does the property speak to the guest?  Are there personal touches to the property such as a "inhouse library".  Are there pictures/artwork of the local area or of local artist? What about a hand written welcome? These are all touches that say a lot about the property to the guest and will make the guest come back year after year. 

4) Anticipate the needs of the guest: are there bath towels?  What about a towel the guest can carry to the beach?  A fully stocked coffee/tea bar - where the guest knows that their morning beverages are handled.  Once again, these are all touches that say a lot about the property to the guest and will make the guest come back year after year, or better yet - refer the property to family and friends. 

In conclusion - if you are coveting that 5-Star review - stay in your property and look at everything through the eyes of the guest.  The better prepared you are as a property owner - the better stay your guest will have.  Cleanliness, personality, anticipated needs are all important factors when getting those 5-Star Reviews!

Mug Shot Caffeine and Cocktails in Morehead City is where the locals eat!
Find out where the locals eat when visiting the Crystal Coast! Here is a good Place to start - Mug Shots!

Local Restaurant Review: Mug Shot Lounge

We had the opportunity to try out Mug Shot Caffeine and Cocktails the other night. Food was great and so was the service. We went on Monday night - which is Ramen Night and we were not disappointed. You can add a protein such as shrimp or their famous brisket. Not only can you get coffee anytime of the day, but Mug Shot's also serves breakfast. And what can we say about the beer specials and cocktails? They also feature different items nightly. This is a local place that you do not want to miss. Located in Morehead City close to the Atlantic Beach Causeway - this is a local hangout and definitely a place to try. Thinking about visiting the Crystal Coast this year for a vacation? Be sure to check out our vacation rentals. We have you covered on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina!